Basil Basset Bingo

Basil the Bingo Basset hosts The Basil Bingo Show for 3BTV and Primetime24.

Basil does a standup routine between games, and calls the balls like he sees em' 24 hours a day.


M&M Red Live  Satellite Media Tour

BBD&O - M&M Mars

Red does a media blitz, interviewing with 40 consecutive regional and national morning shows.

Live Action - Realtime CG

Lara Croft  at E3

Eidos Interactive - Sony Entertainment

Lara performs at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

Realtime CG

The Donny & Marie Show

Donny and Marie perform Bill and Hilary


Live Action - Realtime CG

Cyber Steve

Steve Oedekerk plays a computer version of himself as Cyber Steve the host of


Live Action - Realtime CG


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