IInside Out

HBO - Pilot episode

Political Satire staring Harry Shearer



     Mr. High Hopes  

     Realtime CG integration with live action and Virtual sets


Cyber Comedy   at the Actors Gang Theater

A Modern Cartoons Theater Production

Standup comedians perform animated characters in a live cabaret setting. Featuring Scott Thomson as Carmen,  Rick Overton as Basil Rathbone and Tom Kinney playing a cowboy.

Realtime CG


BBC Primetime series - UK

Co-Host for the National Lottery Big Ticket Show

Live Action - CG

HBO's Def Comedy Jam

A Russell Simmons "mini-me", presents Def Comedy Jam!

Live Action - Realtime  CG

Rory Bremner What Else!

Channel 4 UK

Political Satire Series featuring real-time animated Minister without Portfolio Peter Mandelson.

Live Action - CG


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