JayJay the Jet Plane

Modern Cartoons

40 Half hours airing on PBS

Live Action - CG - Miniatures

Herbie the Lovebug

Disney Channel- Disney Animation

Pilot for a 3D CG  television series production.

CG - Miniatures     

Wheel 2000 - Cyber Lucy in Wheel of Fortune


13 episodes television series

Live Action - CG

TopCat  Live!   

Cartoon Network

Hey Hey Hey! Topcat performed by Tom Kenny interviews Hollywood celebrities, including Top Cat's creator Joe Barbera!

Live Action  - CG


NBC - O entertainment - Steve Oedekirk

Comedy Special - "Everything was going so great"

Live Action - CG

Fantastic Four the Movie

New Horizons - Corman Productions

Johnny Storm - Mr. Fantastic - Invisible Girl

Live Action - CG

Lara Croft on the Game Network

G4 Networks - Eidos Interactive

3 TVC's for network launch.

Live Action - CG


TV 1000 - Trash Television

The Character that started it all!  1000 episodes over 3 seasons.  

Live Action - CG   

LocoMotion Animation Channel

Cisneros Group - Hearst Entertainment

24 hour Animation Channel launch station package


Bando Squatnik

Castlerock Entertainment - Pilot Episode

A comedy about a cop who happens to be a toon.

 Live Action - CG

Macaroni Tout Garni

Publicvision / TeleQuebec

300 episodes over 4 seasons

 Live Action - CG

Kung Fu Kangaroos - "CHI" Power of Fire

Law Brothers Entertainment

Pilot Episode



Modern Cartoons - In-house Pilot




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