Modern Cartoons has been contracted to provide the animation.

Sources said the series could air as early as January or February, and an HBO spokeswoman said a decision on that show and other projects will be made in the next few months.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the White House hesitated to comment on "Dr. Spin." "We can't comment on anything that we haven't seen" the spokeswomen said.

However, the White House did refer Daily Variety to a letter sent to Warner Bros. following the studio's use of Clinton's image in "Contact." The letter warns against aspects of the film that "violate the White House policy regarding the use of commercial purposes of the President's name, image, likeness, activities or words"

Harry Shearer created and will provide the voices for "Dr. Spin," which HBO said has yet to be greenlit for telecast.

The White House protested the use of President Clinton's image in "Contact", but can the chief exec exhibit any "Spin" control?

Luckily, he won't have to try. HBO's proposed animated satire :Dr. Spin" featured a toon Clinton dancing with a scantily dressed woman aboard Air Force One, while Vice President Al Gore appears afraid to join the party.

However, the scene was only part of a test pilot to be shown to HBO execs and a few other industry mavens, and probably won't ever reach the air. HBO officials said the scene was used only as a test the use of a third character in real time animation, which, until recently was considered technically difficult. (Real-time animation features toon characters with the motions and facial expressions of live actors performing in real time.